GBBB Brand Tools

Excellent quality branded tools that our team love to use. The collection is what we consider to be the essential items for today's modern barber.

GBBB Mist Spray  – £12.00 
The Mist Spray distributes a light mist that stays consistent no matter how full the bottle is and will cover the hair quickly and evenly.


GBBB Fade Brush – £9.99
The GBBB knuckle fade brush is an essential tool to ensure short hair clippings can be removed from the skin. With soft yet strong bristles this most convenient brush  can be held in multiple ways whilst working

GBBB Neck Brush – £8.99
Barber neck duster brush. Special Fan design is great for dusting around the ears, neck line and shoulders . Gets all the little hairs off without scratching the skin.

GBBB Seperation comb – £7.99
This high quality branded comb makes separation and design within your hairstyle simple. This is an essential piece of kit to help create today’s on trend looks.

GBBB Clipper comb – £7.99
This clipper comb is made from tough plastic (so it won’t crumble at the first touch of your clippers) and features a handle to keep your fingers away from the blades. The GBBB Clipper Comb is designed to aid blending, tapering, flat top cutting and all clipper-over-comb techniques.


GBBB Folding Seperator Comb – £12.00
Folding separator comb ideal for creating design and movement. Brilliant design, well made and easy to use. Comes with a handy bottle opener built-in!

GBBB Vent Brush – £8.50
Quality vent brush with the GBBB logo on. Superb for blow drying and styling. Classic, quality design, perfect for modern styling.


GBBB Cut-Throat razor – £12.50

Our new Cut-Throat razor and case. This is a great quality razor, perfect weight and balance. It has a strong spring blade holder mechanism which is easy to assemble and disassemble for fast blade loading. The razor fits any standard double edge blade when halved.
Blades sold separately please check out our blades.

Price includes postage within the UK.
If you want us to post outside including the Republic of Ireland, please message us for additional postage cost. 

GBBB Feather Texture Razor – £25.00

This super lightweight razor is perfect for all your texturising, funky & magical cuts. Replacement blades sold separately. Price includes postage within the UK. If you want us to post outside including the Republic of Ireland, please message us for additional postage cost.


GBBB Finger Razor – £11.00

Add texture to your hair cuts with this fantastic finger razor.