We supply college’s with our fantastic barbering kits. They are excellent quality and all items are used by the Barber Bash education team. The kits will last the barbers long into their careers. They are on average 30 % cheaper than the list price. 

All college kits ordered over £200 will receive 20 weeks of Barber Club worth £100. Members of Barber Club see up to three live demonstrations each week via Facebook. It is totally interactive and members can ask as may questions as they like. Demonstrations can be re watched for up to eight weeks. The feedback from this platform has been terrific and the students will get the opportunity to see some of the best barbers in the world presenting each and every week. 

If a college or college group orders 50 or more of the suggested kit we can offer a full day workshop with demonstrations and hands on for the students worth £2500.  

Kits can be customised to the colleges individual requirements.

Check out our most popular kit below. Special price of just £323.00, 36% less than RRP


GBBB streaker comb

GBBB Vent Brush

GBBB Quiff Roller

Japanese cutting comb

GBBB clipper comb

Sectioning clips X 12

Training head with clamp

GBBB Neck brush

GBBB Fade Brush

GBBB Mist spray

Scissors 6 inch

Thinners 5.5

GBBB Straight razor


Gamma Protege Combo pack Cordless Clipper & Trimmer

GBBB Back Pack – Tool Bag